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Buying a brand new car is a huge financial investment and it’s an expense that immediately depreciates in value. But if you’re set on driving a new vehicle, and you’re comfortable renting without the possibility of owning, leasing your car is a great option. There are many benefits to leasing your vehicle, from the opportunity to drive a newer, more modern car every day to reducing costs compared to buying the car. These are some of the UK’s leading car leasing companies to streamline your search for your ideal car.

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What is Car Leasing?

Personal car leasing enables you to drive a new car, without the hefty initial investment, at a fixed monthly cost. Leased cars are typically available for a set contract period of 1 to 5 years, but 2 to 4 years are the most popular contract lengths. With a leased car, you can update your car every few years without having to worry that your money is tied up in a depreciating asset, and when the lease comes to an end, you simply hand the car back. You then have the option to either sign on to a new lease or not, depending on your circumstances.

Top Car Leasing Companies

1. Leaseloco

LeaseLoco is the UK’s BIGGEST car leasing comparison site, making it super easy for you to search and compare over 10 million deals from the UK’s top dealers and brokers. With more deals than anyone else, you can be sure to find an amazing car or van leasing deal. They value score lease deals so you know what’s hot, and what’s not, and have the most powerful search on the market to make it super easy to find a good deal.

2. Hippo Leasing

Providing personal and business lease deals, Hippo Leasing are a great choice for those looking for a no deposit option or people with bad credit. They take part-exchanges, providing your vehicle is in good working condition, and they deliver to anywhere in the UK, including Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man. For new cars, your delivery is free, with a delivery fee attached if you’re leasing a used car.

Hippo Leasing have a team of industry-leasing, finance professionals and vehicle technicians which enables them to achieve some of the top deals available. They have a great range of competitive leasing deals from a variety of top manufacturers, including Mitsubishi, BMW and Land Rover.

3. OSV

For over 20 years, OSV have provided customer-focused vehicle leasing, with personal and business options available for a wide range of cars and vans. As an independent broker, you’re not tied to any specific manufacturers, and they’re a nationwide company so you can benefit from delivery all over mainland UK. OSV can help businesses source fleet vehicles and there are no extra charges or premiums to pay as a business customer – just VAT.

OSV have a consultative process that will ensure the vehicle you decide on is the right match for your needs and circumstances, and they pride themselves on providing an honest approach. There’s also the option to take advantage of their part-exchange programme which comes with no age or condition restrictions.

4. All Car Leasing

Based in Cheshire, All Car Leasing have been providing personal and business contract hire deals since 1999, as well as commercial vehicle leasing. They offer part-exchanges, providing the car meets their set criteria and is in good conditions, and are well rated on TrustPilot for peace of mind. With over 7,000 car deals to choose from, finding precisely what you’re looking for has never been easier.

All Car Leasing deliver to the whole of the UK, including Northern Ireland, and are well-known for their incredible special offers. Their experienced sales team can provide in-depth advice and guidance to help you find the right vehicle for your needs, with deals from a wide range of brands including Jaguar, Land Rover, Mini and Jeep.

5. Select Car Leasing

Select Car Leasing was established in 2004 and offers a range of leasing options, including personal and business contract hires, contract purchase, lease purchase and finance lease deals. They provide deals for cars and vans, and they have great deals for pre-registered vehicles. With over 150 staff, they have a wealth of experience and knowledge to pass on to their customers to help them find the ideal vehicle for their needs.

Select Car Leasing have deals on hybrid and electric vehicles, as well as deals on a wide range of leading manufacturers including MG, Land Rover and even luxury brands such as Lamborghini and Ferrari.

6. First Vehicle Leasing

First Vehicle Leasing offer free UK delivery with all of their new car lease deals and have a great selection of vehicles to choose from, from the world’s leading manufacturers. They have over 20 years leasing experience and work with individuals and businesses around the UK, from personal customers to commercial fleet managers, to help them find a great deal.

First Vehicle Leasing work with brand new cars, so whether you’re looking for a small city car or a larger family-friendly vehicle, the vehicle you choose will be new. The business isn’t affiliated with any specific car manufacturer, so you’ll receive independent, unbiased advice on the strengths and weaknesses of each vehicle to help you make the right choice, whether you want a petrol or diesel car, a hybrid or electric vehicle.

Final thoughts

Car leasing is a great way of getting the thrill of driving a new car without the financial commitment. There are various professional car leasing firms around the UK who offer great customer service, experienced staff and a wide variety of high-quality vehicles that ensure you’ll be able to find your ideal car or van for your needs.

To find the best deals on leased vehicles Car Guide will soon be launching a comparison tool to compare deals and costs so you can find the best deal for your circumstances.

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Car leasing is popular because it’s such a viable option for many. The monthly payments are fixed and can be kept low, and you don’t have to worry about reselling your car. More importantly you don’t have your cash tied up in a depreciating asset. Find out more here.

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Buying a brand new car is a huge financial investment and it’s an expense that immediately depreciates in value. But if you’re set on driving a

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