How much per mile does an electric car cost?

BP Pulse Charge Point

EV’s can be confusing, which is why we developed our running cost calculator.

If you want to compare your current car against a new or used EV, give Car Switch a try.

Our handy EV running cost calculator

This can be your home electricity cost (you can find this on your bill) OR the cost for use of a public charger

Expected pence per mile


What’s the cost of charging an electric car at your home?

Plugging your EV in at home is always going to be the easiest way of ensuring your car is always topped up.

From there, the costs are relatively minimal.

Some of the newer models have a range of over 300 miles, but the difference can be massive with the average being just over 200 miles.

And if we take the average of around 10 pence per mile it means a full charge will cost you less than £20!

The average driver travels 6,800 miles per year – about 19 miles per day – which would cost £600 in an electric car – or less, with a newer model.

Your Electricity Tariff

The average cost of electricity is 29.8p per kWh, but the amount it costs you to charge your car will of course depend on the tariff you use.

Have a look at your electricity bill or give your electricity supplier a call and make sure you’re not paying above what you should be doing.

If you need to use a public charger when you’re out and about do your research as some are very expensive.

If you find that you’re paying way more than you should be, try a site such as uSwitch and you can move suppliers with little hassle.

How much does it cost to charge an electric car at a public charge point?

Whilst some charging points are still free, they are difficult to find with the rising popularity of EV’s

The typical price is now 60p per kWh but you may also need to pay a subscription fee or one-off charge as well.

How do I access electric vehicle chargers?

There are a number of companies that own the UK’s charging stations. If you decide against getting a home charger, they offer various plans.

You’re very likely to pay a lot more with a subscription than if you charge your vehicle at home.

Most of the latest EV’s will take you to your nearest charge point when the battery is running low.

We recommend using ZapMap to find your nearest charger.

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