Buying used cars or offering part-exchange?

Don’t get caught out by making a bad purchase. 

Our data can protect your business!

We check for hidden repaired accident damage that other data providers don’t.

Car Guide also shows likely MOT failures, past & upcoming services and repairs – the only tool that checks a vehicle’s past and future.  

All data is available to trade users either via an API or directly via our website. So whether you are a used car trader, or a legal firm processing emission claims, our data can help your business.

Accident Car Check

Recently found for sale on a top 3 Used Car Website – shown as HPI Clear. Our data found Unrecorded Accident Damage & Previous Taxi

Trade Discount

Pay As You Go Or Monthly Subscriptions Available

What's included in our trade check:

  • Unrecorded salvage/damage check
  • Insurance Write-Off
  • Mileage discrepancies
  • Outstanding Finance
  • Outstanding Recalls
  • Ex-taxi check
  • Plate changes
  • Scrapped/Stolen
  • Upcoming Repairs & Costs
  • Upcoming Service & Costs
  • Full MOT History
  • Predictions on components likely to fail

Alternatively you can pick and choose only the data you need.

Used Cars

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The only car checker that helps you predict the future

Most car checks rarely tell you much beyond basic specs and history. Car Guide is different. 

We don’t just look at a cars past – but also its future. Our AI powered platform scours 700m data points, uncovering the vehicle’s full history, potential running costs, parts needing replacements and future MOT failures.

So you’re empowered to make the smartest decision possible as a buyer – without wasting your time, energy or money on dodgy cars and untrustworthy vendors.

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AI predicts the future

An AI-powered platform analyses 700m+ data points, predicting running costs and component failures.

More than a car check

We don't just provide you with new information. Our platform will guide you through every step of the buying process.

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The most comprehensive Car Reports Available
We'll show you if the car is a write-off, has outstanding finance and manufacturer safety recalls
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