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How to sell your car for the best price

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Tips on how to sell your car for the best possible price

If you want to sell your van instead, read our advice here.


Are you planning on selling your car soon for the best possible price? We’ve worked with Motorway for their tips on how to sell your car for the best price.

Sell your car for the best price with Motorway

Motorway is a no fee, hassle-free way to sell your car. They will find the dealer in their nationwide network who’ll pay the most for your car. Simply enter your reg to get an instant real-world valuation. Get your best price from 5,000+ dealers!

To achieve the best possible price for your car they recommend the following advice:

Don’t select part-exchange to sell your car simply due to its ease

While part-exchange is less hassle than private classified listings, you might not get the best possible price. Unless your car is one the dealer really wants to buy to sell it on, you’re not going to achieve a good price for it. This is because they then need to offload it to another dealer and make a good margin from it. This all comes at your loss in value.

If you choose to sell your car online, understand your options

You can choose to list your car in a classified listing such as Autotrader or Gumtree, or sell your car via an online car buying website, such as WeBuyAnyCar. Though, one must understand the differences between them before going ahead.

Classifieds often come at a price for each listing and are not hassle-free. They involve members of the public viewing and test-driving your car on your schedule.

Instant online car buyers may seem attractive, but they often offer lower prices to part exchange or private sales, as they then take their purchases to physical forecourts to sell on to dealers and take a margin.

The best way is to use an online marketplace such as Motorway, because dealers will compete for your car, meaning you’re far more likely to get a higher offer for it. Their service is entirely online, completely free and extremely easy. And most cars on Motorway are sold within 48 hours.

Preparing your car for sale

Make sure your car is cleaned and washed, and any scratches have been removed using T-Cut scratch remover. You want to make sure it looks as good as possible to avoid buyers chipping away at the price at the last minute.

Sort out your paperwork

Locate your V5C document, have your car serviced and find your MOT history. If you’re missing any of these, a buyer will have a good case to adjust the final price offered.

Get money back afterwards

Once sold, don’t forget to send the remaining part of the V5C form back to the DVLA. And call your car insurance company to cancel your remaining insurance, and reclaim your road tax.

Car Guide recommends Motorway as the best option to sell your car. Once you’ve considered your car selling options, and prepared your car for sale, go to their website by clicking here or the widget above, and enter your car’s registration to get started. Motorway will then guide you through their quick and simple process so you can get the best price for your car.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sell it with Motorway.

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You will need V5C, the car’s handbook, the service log book with any receipts and MOT certificate if the car is older than 3 years. Find out more information

As soon as you sell your vehicle you need to inform DVLA. You can either do that online or you can tear off the bottom section of the V5C and send it to the DVLA.
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