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Selling a car online but don’t know which website to use? We have trialled some of the best used car buying services, so you don’t have to. 

Selling your car online is a quick and easy alternative to hawking it via an auction or selling it privately. Of course, you’re likely to get a higher price selling any vehicle privately, but there is a lot more work involved. You will need to advertise it in your local paper or online, and then spend time negotiating with interested buyers while they try and haggle on the price you have set.

If a fast turnaround and convenience are more important to you, then a car buying service may be your best option. You can do it all online without even having to leave your house. But with so many providers out on the marketplace, it can be challenging to choose which one to use.

That’s why we decided to test the UK’s best websites for selling your car. Below you’ll find a review of each provider, detailing how easy it was to use as well as the valuations we received for each of our test vehicles: a classic VW Golf, nifty Nissan Qashqai and a classy BMW 3 Series.

Here’s a review of our experience with each of the car selling sites we tried.

Car Buying Websites


Motorway offers 100% free car valuations to sell your car fast to a verified dealer, without leaving your home. Motorway will find the dealer who’ll pay the most for your car, without the hassle. You can sell any make or model and turn around your purchase in as little as 24 hours, which is also a nice selling point.

We found the site fast and easy to use. What’s more, you only need to enter the VRM and mileage in order to get an estimate of how much the car is worth. Here’s the highest valuation we got for each of our different test vehicles, which were higher in general compared to other buying sites:

  • VW Golf, 2013 = £5,252

  • Nissan Qashqai 2013 = £4,891

  • BMW 3 Series 2013 = £5,715

Overall, Motorway seems to be a great option for hassle-free online car selling with an instant online car valuation tool.


JamJar touts itself as the ‘original car selling comparison site’ claiming they’ve been helping people sell their vehicles since 1997. The site prides itself on its transparency and the fact that you don’t need to enter any personal details before offering detailed valuations. 

Before offering up a valuation, they did ask us for the mileage, details about the service history (there’s a drop-down to choose from here) as well as the MOT due date and car colour.

Valuations offered for our test vehicles:

  • VW Golf, 2013 = £5,141

  • Nissan Qashqai 2013 = £4,813

  • BMW 3 Series 2013 = £5,773

Whilst this service was free, when we hit the unlimited lookups button it did ask us to sign up.

We Want Any Car

Just as it says in the name, We Want Any Car is willing to purchase any road-worthy vehicle. Not many other competitors do this and that’s on top of the free car valuation they offer. Their service is quick and backed up by over 40 years experience in the motor trade.

Just like with Motorway, all we needed to get going was the VRM and mileage of each of our test vehicles. However, the site did ask us for our personal details before revealing any valuations. 

Valuations offered for our test vehicles:

  • VW Golf, 2013 = £5,141

  • Nissan Qashqai 2013 = £4,813

  • BMW 3 Series 2013 = £5,773

We Buy Any Car

A 4-day price guarantee, an option to settle remaining finance and quick sale turnaround times are what We Buy Any Car claims to set itself apart.

However, the experience on their site left us slightly scratching our heads. After entering a VRM, email and postcode, it wouldn’t put us through because we didn’t have an appointment.


What’s neat about Wizzle is that you can get a valuation and also advertise your car to its network of dealers (of which there are thousands).

The process was lengthier than on other car buying sites we trialled; however, we understand this is part of how Whizzle works differently to other providers. To start, we were asked to enter the VRM, mileage and features of the vehicle (leather interior, multiple keys, satnav, etc.). Then we were asked about the full service history of the car as well as the condition of several of its components, including the mechanics, windscreen condition, tyres and interior. It then asked for our personal details before revealing any offers.

Valuations offered for our test vehicles:

  • VW Golf, 2013 = £5,141

  • Nissan Qashqai 2013 = £4,813

  • BMW 3 Series 2013 = £5,773

While we were able to see valuations from a range of car buyers, such as the Car buying Group, it did prompt us to sign up for a premium account when we started adding in-car images.

The Car Buying Group

Free car collection, no hidden fees and a price guarantee are the main points that set The Car Buying Group apart from its competitors. They’ve also got a dedicated customer support team on hand to assist with any issues, which can be a great help as detailed in this review.

We were asked for the VRM, then some personal details along with the mileage, number of owners and service history of the vehicle. The experience was good though the prices offered weren’t as high as some of the other providers.

Valuations offered for our test vehicles:

  • VW Golf, 2013 = £4,667

  • Nissan Qashqai 2013 = £4,348

  • BMW 3 Series 2013 = £5,239

Private Sale

If you are still considering selling your car privately or to a dealer, we recommend reading our handy guide on how to sell your car fast. We cover how to get your car ready for sale, where to advertise your vehicle, how to write the best advert as well as the option of part exchange when selling to a dealership.

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