Should You Get a Car Inspection Before Buying It?

Used Car Inspection

Is a pre-purchase car inspection worth it? Buying a used car may feel like a daunting purchase decision which is why some buyers opt for a vehicle inspection. But what exactly are you getting from having someone else inspect a car you’re interested in buying and is it worth the money?

Using a car inspection service can set you back by a substantial sum so it’s a good idea to understand what exactly it can do for you.

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What is a car inspection?

A car inspection involves an experienced engineer taking a look at the used car you want to buy. They’ll conduct a thorough and entirely independent review of the vehicle’s condition. 

If they’re nice (in other words, if they’re a quality provider), they might even give you a report of the car’s history and condition. We’re doubly nice, so we offer a really detailed buyers report, including MOT history and tons more information, all for a neat and tidy 30-day access fee or one-off report fee. 

Fees bring us to our next point; car inspections aren’t cheap. In fact, they’ll set you back at least a couple of hundred quid. That’s a fair sum, so you may be wondering what exactly you’re getting for that. 

Well, in exchange for your hard-earned cash, you’ll get a look-over of the exterior and interior as well as an examination of the vehicle’s mechanics. That includes a look at the engine, electrics, front and rear suspension, steering, transmission and the clutch among other parts. The inspector will usually conduct a road test. And then, for an additional fee, some packages may include add-ons, such as a looking into the car’s history and past documentation.

Not bad. 

So, is paying for a pre-purchase vehicle inspection worth it? Here’s a breakdown of the pros and cons:

Car inspection pros

  • If you’re not confident in your mechanical knowledge, and you’ve got nightmares about breakdowns, then getting an expert to look over your car could be of value to you. 
  • Most car inspections will conduct a road test. That, again, can offer peace of mind if you’re feeling wary of buying a used car.

Car inspection cons

  • You’re going to have to read the fine print (very carefully). Vehicle inspections don’t cover everything, so you’ll want to double-check the one you’re purchasing covers everything you need.
  • More thorough inspections tend to only be available through Approved Used Schemes. If you go with an independent inspector, then the quality may vary.
  • Some inspections won’t cover certain vehicle types, such as 4x4s, convertibles, even cars over a certain age.
  • The size of the engine may also affect how much you pay – the larger the engine, the more cash you’ll have to fork out. 

The verdict?

Unfortunately, there’s no straight answer to that question. Whether a car inspection is or isn’t worth your money is entirely down to you.  If you feel confident in your general car knowledge and trust the dealer you’re working with, it could be an unnecessary expense. If you’re feeling worried about your purchase and what that extra peace of mind, investing in a vehicle inspection could save you time, money and stress in future.

What we will say is that while car inspections do have their place, there’s a lot you can find out before you make your purchase with our comprehensive car check.

Booking a car inspection is easy. Head over to Click Mechanic and get a car inspection booked today.

How our car check can help with used car buying

A Car Guide car check works a bit differently than most providers and our Buyers Reports go even further. 

Powered by artificial intelligence, it doesn’t just look at a car’s past; it also offers predictions on its future performance. We’ve access to a data bank of over 700 million MOTs and that allows us to better predict what parts of a specific vehicle might break down before it happens. We can also work out things like the running monthly cost, including fuel costs, road tax, repairs, and service costs like MOTs.

A used car isn’t just a purchase for a day – it’s an investment. We can help you make the best decision purchase possible as well as improve your visibility of the road ahead.

Try Car Guide today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pre-purchase car inspections offer additional peace of mind if you are buying a used car without a warranty and/or you are not confident in your mechanical knowledge. Find out more about car inspections here.

It is worth considering a pre purchase car inspection when you new to buying a used car without a warranty and not fully confident with things you should check. Click here to find out the pros and cons of getting a car inspection.

One of the most important things to do before buying a used car is to do a full history check. Head over to Car Guide to find out useful checklists of things you should remember to check when buying a
used car.

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