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A vehicle MOT check can tell you a lot about what you’re buying. However, a surprising number of people often forget (or sometimes, aren’t even aware of) the importance of an MOT history check. It’s vital to know that the car you’re buying is, indeed, safe to drive on the road and has a valid MOT.

MOT tests are a key indicator for this. So before you part with your well-earned cash to buy that second-hand car you’ve been eyeing on the lot, make sure you’ve used a vehicle check to confirm not only the current MOT status and due date but also MOT history of a vehicle.

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Conducting an MOT Check

So why’s it so important to get an MOT history check?

First of all, let’s consider why it’s important to use an MOT Checker for any car you’re interested in.

In the UK, cars that are over three years old must get checked in for a yearly MOT test under the law. A vehicle that’s failed its MOT isn’t allowed on UK roads. 

Some of the vehicle parts that get checked during an MOT include lights, the battery, tyres, brakes, steering, suspension. Furthermore, it also includes the car’s internal workings and engine. 

Therefore, the main purpose of an MOT test is to ensure the vehicle is ‘roadworthy’, in other words, safe to drive.

But aren’t sellers upfront about a car’s history?

Now, given all this, you’d think verifying a car’s history would be clear and straightforward. But the truth is, not all sellers will be upfront with car buyers about a car’s past. Sometimes, there are gaps in a car’s past when it comes to annual MOTs. In other, more severe cases, an MOT certificate ‘receipt’ can even be forged. Therefore, not only is it essential to obtain a car’s full history, but it’s also vital to cross-check that information to ensure it’s accurate. Furthermore, MOT history can give you a pretty good indication of how well was the car looked after.

Checking a car’s MOT online

Fortunately, you can use Car Guide to check and verify a car’s history. While a paper MOT certificate is easy to forge, the electronic version found on the DVSA database is likely to be more accurate. Similarly, you should be aware of blank MOTs as they can be ‘dodgy’. You can view any MOT test result for a car on the government website ( (even if you don’t own the car yet).

Likewise, another option is to conduct an HPI check. A number of companies offer Hire Purchase Inspection which can reveal critical details about a car’s history, including its MOT test with advisory notes.

Check MOT history with Car Guide instead

While unearthing details about a car’s past like its MOT history can tell you a lot about the second-hand car, you can actually take this a step further.

At Car Guide we’ve turned the paid car check model on its head by developing a fully comprehensive, easy to use subscription car checker and comparison platform. It’s an Artificial Intelligence platform that can give you a detailed breakdown of any car’s past and what’s more, it can also tell you about its future. 

How are we able to do this?

We’ve amassed over 700m data points on MOTs, repair costs and vehicle servicing from across the UK. Machine learning then allows us to take that information and offer excellent predictions on future component failure. So, not only are we providing you with an accurate assessment of a car’s past, but we’re also giving you a clear picture of its future. So well worth using us to check MOT history!

Furthermore, along with predictions on future repairs, we can also offer a breakdown of future running costs on a monthly basis. Plus, we report on whether a car might be stolen, written off or carrying outstanding finance.

Getting started is easy

Simply sign up to create an account via Google, email or Facebook, then drop in the details (e.g. registration number/ number plate or a link from of the used car you’re interested in buying. With our 30 days access, you can do this for an unlimited amount of cars and build up a shortlist of vehicles to compare.

We also give you access to generate comprehensive buyer’s reports that can tell you about the value, history and future running costs of these cars.

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  • Service Schedules & Costs
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Everything with a free account plus:

  • 2 x Car Checks
  • Shortlist & Compare Cars
  • 1 x Buyer's Report which includes:
  • Outstanding Finance Check
  • Insurance Write-Off
  • Ex-Salvage Register Check
  • Stolen or Scrapped
  • Safety Recalls
  • Upcoming Repairs & Costs
  • Service Schedules & Costs

Frequently asked questions

Due to the COVID-19 situation, the government has approved for the MOT expiry date on all cars, motorbikes and vans to be extended by 6 months if it’s due between 30 March 2020 and 31 July 2020. It is important to note that you must keep your vehicle safe to drive and ensure that it is in a roadworthy condition.

We have further information with relation to COVID-19 and buying a used car here.

All cars in the UK, with the exception of certain vehicles such as taxis, require an annual MOT from the 3rd anniversary of the first registration date. You can check any UK registered car for free on Car Guide, which will also show you MOT History, Recalls due and items your car is likely to fail on during it’s next MOT. Check your MOT date now.

Sometimes during an MOT, you may get an advisory notice on a specific component. Ideally, this should be rectified as soon as possible and definitely before the next MOT test. Using our platform can show you other items that your vehicle may fail its next MOT on. Check MOT history and component failure predictions now.

The standard price for an MOT in the UK is £54.85, although you can get an MOT check for much cheaper. Some garages offer discounts depending on how busy they are and others offer a free MOT if you get your car serviced at the same time.

If you’re concerned you may not be getting a good deal from your local garage, you could opt for a council MOT testing facility. As most of these testing centres won’t carry out repairs, there isn’t much incentive for them to issue failure or advisories unless they are absolutely necessary.

Before you take your car for an MOT, use Car Guide to check your previous advisories and what is likely to go wrong at your next MOT. Check your car now.

There are some simple things you can check before you take your car in for an MOT and you don’t have to be a mechanic to carry them out. To see our simple checklist, take a look here.

All vehicles in the UK require an annual MOT test on the 3rd anniversary after their registration date. If your car is younger than 3 years old it wouldn’t have had its first MOT yet.
To check MOT history for vehicles older than 3 years visit Car Guide.

Getting an MOT history check when buying a car is a smart move. It can reveal any current issues with the car but can also paint a good picture of whether the car was looked after by the previous owner(s). You can get a free MOT history and future component failure predictions here.

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