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Many people bought a used car without knowing or checking what they are getting themselves into. Don’t be one of them. Car Guide is here to save you from a bad purchase by providing you the information that matters when making a purchase decision. Read our guide below on why we think car check is one of the most important investments you can make before buying a used car.

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Dog enjoying a car drive

The best way to check any used car. You might think we are a bit biased, however we have done our research and this is the most comprehensive car check on the market.

best used car checks

Read about the top 5 used car checks.

HPI Check

Car checks have been around for years, and the way we refer to them has become tied to one brand name in particular. Here we explain what an HP check means..

CarGuide Report

A car check can be one of the most important things you do before buying a new used car. Read on to find out why.

Are free car checks useful?

Read on to find out why we at Car Guide say don’t waste time on a free car check.

Free MOT History Check

The vehicle’s MOT history can tell you a lot about what you’re buying. However, a surprising number of people often forget (or sometimes, aren’t even aware of) the importance of an MOT history check.

insurance write off and unrecorded salvage vehicles

We’re here to help demystify what the main write-off categories are and why it’s important to check for them.

Check car tax

How important it is to check a car tax when buying a car? Find out more here.

If a car has been involved in a ‘not-so squeaky clean’ past, some people change the registration plates to hide the car’s true identity. Read more to find out how to mitigate this risk.

car check

In this post, we explain what a vehicle check involves and why you don’t want to opt for cheap vehicle checks. 

Get a DVLA Check

Wondering if you should conduct a DVLA check before buying that second-hand car? In this post, we’ll go through everything you need to know about this government agency and what it can do for you.

Car Write Off Check​

If you are looking to check an insurance write off with a car check, you’re in the right place.  It’s about buying like a pro, and the help comes from Car Guide.

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