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Car Write Off Check

Car Write Off Check​

Purchasing a car can come with many different challenges which at first can seem a little overwhelming.

Buying a used car can be a worry for some and a quick vehicle check can give you a report about the vehicle’s history.

If you are looking to check an insurance write off with a car check, you’re in the right place.  It’s about buying like a pro, and the help comes from Car Guide.

You may have considered all the things you need from a car, settled on a budget, and are at the stage of looking for a vehicle. You’re doing all your checks through Car Guide, and you stumble upon something that tells you the car you’re looking at is a car that has a write-off mark against it.

To have a car written off means there is an existing issue with it, sometimes this can be obvious, but other times it may be more difficult to discover what is wrong with the car. By doing a check through Car Guide, you’ll discover whether the car has a mark against it, but also what type of category the write-off is in.

A car check is always advised when buying a car privately, especially off Facebook or Gumtree

The type of category will determine whether the car can be fixed, at which point you’ll be able to know what you’re truly buying with your money. Sometimes a deal is too good to be true. 

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Cat A

A Category A write-off car means that the car cannot be fixed. Try to imagine a horrendous car accident, where the body of the car is crumpled beyond repair, and then it catches fire.

The car is completely burnt out and out of shape. This is a Cat A write off, and if you find a car like this for sale, we advise you not to purchase it. This category is given to vehicles beyond repair.

Cat B

This type of write-off is also a fairly obvious one as it is reserved for cars that are not able to be repaired.

The difference between this category and Cat A cars is that if any parts are salvageable from the wreck, they can be sold instead.

If a car has this type of category against it, you can buy the parts, but we would strongly advise against buying the car – that’s if it even turns on!

Cat S

This category used to be called Cat C, so if the incident occurred before 2017 you might see it referred to as Cat C instead of Cat S.

This is the most common type of write-off to occur, it means that the car can be repaired, but it is not a financially viable option for the insurance company.

If you have an older car, a relatively minor accident may cause it to be a write-off in the category, simply because the value has depreciated a lot throughout the years.

If you’re considering purchasing a car with this type of write off attached to it, be prepared to pay a significant amount on top of the sale price. It might be an idea to get a quote for the work the car needs before buying it.

Cat N

This category used to be called Cat N. If the car was written off before 2017, you’d see it as a Cat N. This type of write off can be difficult to see as it often refers to electrical issues, not structural.

At first, the damage might seem harmless, but diagnostic issues can be severe, especially when purchasing a fairly new car; they could have an electric handbrake or power steering.

It might be wise to stay away from these types of write-offs or at least consult a professional and get a quote for its repair before considering purchasing the car.

Check write off car for a small fee

Now you’re aware of what the varying categories of a write off are; you just need to make your car check at Car Guide to get that peace of mind you’re looking for when purchasing a used vehicle.

Discovering if there any write-off issues with a car is one thing, but there are plenty of other things you should be looking out for before handing over your cash.

Consider if the car has been stolen, its MOT history, repair costs and an accurate valuation.

It’s simple to do, and all you need to do is enter the reg number at Car Guide.

You’ll also be able to get your hands on a personalised buyer’s guide to make your experience more straightforward.

The buyer’s guide will provide you with questions you should be asking the seller, tell you what to look out for to ensure it’s been well looked after, and other areas you should be checking with the seller. Helping you, buy like a pro!

At first, purchasing a new used car might seem like a challenge, but once you realise that one simple check at Car Guide can solve problems and answer any questions you might have about a car, it’s simple and easy.

All you need is a quick free car check and you can find out any detail about a car’s history. 

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