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How to history check a car from Facebook Marketplace

How to history check a car from Facebook Marketplace

There are only a few purchases in life that have such a high status as purchasing a car. Not only is it a large investment, but it is also one of the items in our homes that we use almost daily.

Whether you’re commuting to work or just dropping the kids off to school, a car plays a significant role in our lives in helping us live the life we want. The importance of a car means that purchasing one is no small decision. 

Beyond choosing a make and model, or even a colour that you suits your style, finding one at the right price point is even more essential. While some may go straight to a dealership, the untapped resource of the Facebook Marketplace is a great way to buy a car. 

Buying cars on Facebook Marketplace might be something that doesn’t quite sit right with you, and we understand. Buying from strangers online doesn’t exactly have the best reputation; however, by using CarGuide, you can be assured that all the necessary checks are being carried out.

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When investigating a preowned car, it is crucial to know if it is going to be a money pit or the perfect lifestyle addition. It’s important to do checks, but also know that you’re doing the right ones. A car’s history check from Car Guide can tell you all sorts of important information. Revealing previous MOT issues is a great way to discover a car’s true condition. 

By looking at a cars MOT history, you can see what sort of condition it is truly in as opposed to the highlights that the seller is more than likely discussing. It is a good idea to know what you’re looking at when it comes to the MOT history, notably where it has failed and under what grounds. A worn-down tyre is not such a significant reason to be suspicious, but other issues such as system failures are. 

The signs of something not being quite right when looking at a basic history check include: 

  • The plates being changed at some point but no paperwork
  • The estimated mileage is much higher than what it reads on the car
  • The car is recorded on the salvage register without the proper documents

You don’t need to be a mechanic or have extensive car knowledge, just simply enter the reg number at Car Guide and you’ll be shown the necessary information. However, to really do your homework on a particular car an additional one-time payment of just £5.99 can reveal the number of previous owners, and more importantly, if the car has a police stolen marker against it. 

Sadly, it doesn’t matter how much you purchase a car for, if it is stolen, you will lose your money and be forced to return it to the owner – not to mention the fact that charges could be pressed against you in court. These are potentially serious consequences when your intentions are honest and innocent. However, it does reinforce the importance of doing a proper check on the vehicle. 

Paying for a car check on Car Guide can also provide information such as the value of the car, to ensure you are getting the most from your money and that you’re not buying into a scam. Protecting you, the vehicle and your money.

Purchasing on Facebook Marketplace


After you have done all your important checks, you will know which cars are suitable and which are not. Then it comes down to speaking to sellers and test driving cars. 

It is crucial to test drive a vehicle before buying, but you must ensure you have insurance that covers you, and the car must have a valid MOT and car tax attached to it. Although it might seem a bit strange at first; if you are pulled over while test driving the car and do not having the proper legal requirements in place, as the driver you could be liable. 

Test driving a car can really help to show whether it is ideal for you—the comfort of the seats, the handling capabilities and the overall feel. If a seller deters you from test driving the car, this should be a red flag to you. Why would they not want you to be as happy with your purchase as they are with the sale? Always expect the seller to be in the car with you when test driving but take along a partner or friend to ensure your safety. 

When test driving the vehicle, be sure to have any music switched off. This way, you can listen to the sound of the car and notice if there are any issues. If your third party friend or partner have some knowledge about cars, this can be a bonus as they can let you know if there is anything to worry about. In summary, if you’re unsure, say no. 

Combine the two of test driving the car and doing the necessary checks through Car Guide, and buying cars on Facebook Marketplace is as easy as heading to the dealer. Car Guide even has a page of questions which you should ask the seller before handing over any money or putting down a deposit. 

Car Guide is a comprehensive site that offers more information on a free check than any other competitor. However, for a small price to pay, either per vehicle or for a 30-days access which includes 2 full buyers reports, you can be sure to get all the necessary information at the best price.

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