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Check any Car with our Free service!

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Used as a Taxi or Unrecorded Damage?

How to get a free vehicle history check

How to get a free vehicle history check

If you’re looking to buy a used car, there are already a few things you may have considered. You’re already aware of what type of car you’re looking for, and you might have some idea on your budget as well, but there are more important things to look out for.

Before you purchase a used car, it is a good idea to find out as much information as possible about it. That way you can buy with confidence and know that you’re getting good value for your money. One way of doing this is by getting a free vehicle history check through Car Guide.

A car’s history can tell you many different things. Most importantly, if it is worth your hard-earned money, but also if it will fulfil the role you need it to – in other words, will it run the way you need it to. A free vehicle history check can be done with Car Guide. 

All you have to do is give us the vehicle registration number and we’ll give you the history of the vehicle including mileage history. If you go for one of the premium options, you’ll get a full history report including outstanding finance and more.

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Vehicle MOT History Check

An MOT history can reveal a lot of things about a car, particularly about the condition it is in. A failed MOT is nothing to be alarmed about unless it is the most recent one and there is not current MOT attached to the car.

What you need to be looking for are the issues that led to any failures or advisory matters. Wear and tear items such as worn-out tyres or breaks do not pose any significant issues. However, keep your eyes peeled for any mechanical or electrical persistent problems – mainly because if they occur again, you could be footing the bill as the new owner.

Imported / Exported of Vehicle

Buying a car that has been imported from another country can be a cheaper option for you; however, there are certain things you should consider.

In some countries of manufacture, safety requirements aren’t quite as high as they are in the UK, which means that your car may not be as safe as you’d expect on the roads. This also means that you may end up paying more for your insurance policy.

Ex-Salvage Register Check to Vehicle

When looking at a used car’s history, you may come across something which states it has been on the salvage register.

To know under what grounds, you would need to check out why the car has been written off. In some cases, cars can be sold for parts, but if it has been put on the salvage register, then consult a professional before handing over your cash. Check our vehicle salvage guide.

MOT Failure Prediction

You’ve checked out a vehicles MOT history, and it seems pretty clean, but that also might leave you with the wonder of when will things go wrong?

Usually, a car has a certain amount of miles to do before issues start occurring, and by using Car Guide’s check, you can estimate when this will be.

What the problems might be and how much they will cost to fix isn’t easy to determine, but at least you can be prepared for the failure and start saving sooner rather than running into an unexpected bill.

Plate & Colour Change to Vehicle

This simple aspect of the check may seem unimportant, but when it comes to the legalities, it’s essential. If the car has had different plates or a new colour sprayed onto it, then insurances must be informed; otherwise, policies could be rendered void.

It could also mean the history of the car is not quite as it seems, sometimes these changes signify the need to hide something. It’s a simple task to be done, but if any changes have occurred, be sure to check and retain the right documentation when purchasing the vehicle.

Number of Vehicle owners

Knowing how many people have used the car can show how well it’s been looked after. A car that has had one owner means you only need to speak to the seller to know the entire background.

However, a car that has had a new owner every six months might show that it’s not a great car to keep or, perhaps it costs too much money to own.

There are many reasons why a car could have had a lot of owners; some may be harmless. Combining the number of owners with other aspects of the free report, such as MOT history can demonstrate the car’s true condition. The number of previous owners is not part of our free car check, but is included with one of our paid checks.

Get a Check with Car Guide

If your free Car Guide report pulls up some issues that make you decide not to purchase the car, don’t worry.

By paying a small fee you can get more information that can help reveal a car’s true worth including a valuation, whether it has been stolen or scrapped, its service schedule and costs, any repair costs and if it has previously had an insurance write-off category attached to it.

There are a lot of free car checks out there, but none are as comprehensive as the free car check from Car Guide – better yet, the small fees you can pay for more extensive checks allow you unlimited car checks.

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