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Best BMW finance deals 2022

BMW Finance Deals

BMW is one of the most popular and recognised car brands in the world. Founded in Germany in 1916, BMW originally sold aircraft engines, but today their greatest output is the millions of cars and other vehicles they sell across the globe each year.

Due to their durable and luxurious reputation, many BMWs come with a hefty price tag and even an entry-level BMW will cost a lot when bought new. Many dealers offer car finance deals to help customers pay for pricey new models.

Car finance deals allow you to hire or purchase a vehicle and pay for it over an extended period of time so that it is more affordable in the long run.

Here, we are going to take a look at some of the best finance deals available for BMW cars.

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What are the best BMW finance deals?

CarMoney offers great finance deals for BMW cars on both personal contract purchase and hire purchase deals. You can also find good finance deals directly from BMW itself.

There are many different finance deals available and finding the right one for you will depend on your budget, your time frame, and the kind of car you want.

So let’s jump in and take a look at what BMW finance deals there are on offer.

What types of finance deals are available?

A finance deal is a long term payment for a car. Depending on the type of deal, at the end of an allotted period of time, you will either return the car to the dealer or complete the full purchase of the car.

Hire purchase

Hire purchase agreements are a common way of paying for a car. You simply pay a deposit based on the car’s value – usually 10% – and then pay off the value of the car in monthly instalments along with interest. A hire purchase agreement usually lasts between one and five years.

At the end of the agreement, you will pay a transfer fee. So the transfer fee plus the interest means you end up paying more than the car’s original value. It is important that you understand exactly how much you will end up contributing as there are some deals that are far better than others.

Personal contract purchase

A personal contract purchase is similar to a loan except you don’t borrow the full amount of money for the car. You usually need to put down a deposit of around 10% of the car’s total value, though it can be more, and then make monthly payments over a specified period of time. Most personal contract purchases last between three and five years. The cost of the monthly payments is based on the value of the car, the interest rate, and how the car’s value is expected to depreciate over the period of time in which you drive it.

Once you have completed your personal contract purchase, you have three options: you can return the car with no additional fees, pay whatever is left of the total price of the car and buy it and keep it, or use the resale value towards another agreement on a new car.

Where to find the best finance deals

There are many car finance dealers out there so knowing who to trust and do business with can be tricky. Going straight to the manufacturer is always a good option if possible – which it is with BMW. We also highly recommend CarMoney for great finance deals on a range of models.


CarMoney offers highly competitive rates and even has some deals for a zero deposit. You can also use their finance calculator to compare lenders to ensure you find the right BMW model and deal for you.

CarMoney allows you to search for both hire purchase and personal contract purchase deals.


You can also get great car finance deals directly from BMW. They have a range of deals available on many different models.

BMW offers hire purchase and personal contract deals and can also tailor a deal to suit your needs.

What are the best BMW cars available on finance deals?

Both CarMoney and BMW offer great finance deals on models in the BMW 1 Series.

CarMoney offers the Petrol 118i Sport model of the 2017 BMW 1 series (valued at £15,490) for just £253.90 per month.

BMW offer a range of models from their BMW 1 series on a number of different finance deals. Including their BMW 118i M Sport model (valued at £29,885) for just £349 per month.

How else can Car Guide help you find a good finance deal?

You can use Car Guide’s tools to help you find better alternatives to the car finance deal you are considering. Car Guide can also run history checks on any used car you want to buy.

Car Guide’s Car Switcher helps you find better deals and alternative models to the car you are choosing to get a finance deal on. The Car Switcher searches deals from our partners to help ensure that you get the best car and the best deal you can. So be sure to use the Car Switcher tool before settling on your next finance deal. 

You can also use Car Guide’s MOT Checker to find out the history of a used car. You simply enter the car’s registration into the Checker and you will find: 

  • The car’s current MOT status and the MOT expiry date.
  • The car’s history, including full MOT history with dates, advisories and any reasons for failure.
  • A full list of components that are likely to fail or get an advisory on the next MOT.

Frequently Asked Questions

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When it comes to car finance deals, the different options are appealing to different people based on their financial circumstances. A hire purchase deal is great for anyone who is certain as to what car they want but unable to pay for it in full in one payment. Although you do end up spending more than the original value over time, it is a much more manageable way of buying a car than buying it outright. Personal contract purchases are perfect for anyone who wants to change their car regularly or who is unsure as to what car they want, as you can either keep or exchange the car at the end of the deal period. Find out more here.
Before you settle on a car finance deal, it is important to make a number of checks to ensure you get the best deal possible:
  • Find out what charges the company has. For example, you may want to end a lease early and companies will often charge penalties if you do so.
  • Look at customers’ reviews of the lender. That way you can see what they are like to deal with beyond the initial agreement.
  • Use Car Guide vehicle checker if getting a finance deal on a used car to find out the following: how many previous owners there have been of the vehicle, whether the plates have been changed, if the car has a fully checkable MOT history, and if it is an import or an export.

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