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BMW 1 series finance

BMW 1 Series Finance Deals

BMW is one of the most popular car brands in the world. These German-manufactured vehicles are known for their luxury and high-quality performance, and the BMW 1 Series continues that tradition. This line of cars has an athletic appearance and a range of impressive features, such as sport suspension and superior handling technology. 

However, it can be hard to find the funds to purchase a car upfront, which is why you will want to weigh up your financing options. There are numerous alternative payment methods that could have you cruising down the road in your stylish BMW 1 Series vehicle in no time. 

In this article, we’ll take a look at the various finance options that are available for the BMW 1 Series. From leasing to buying a car with a loan, there are plenty of choices so that you can find the best payment plan for your situation. 

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BMW 1 Series finance

There are several ways to buy a BMW 1 Series car if you can’t afford one outright. These include hiring the car, leasing it or using a personal loan to pay for the vehicle. You can use a car finance calculator to compare deals from car finance companies and to find the best deal for you. 

BMW 1 Series vehicles are small to mid-sized hatchbacks available as two-door coupes or convertibles. Brand new cars in this range cost upwards of £26,450, but you can find more affordable alternatives when you buy second-hand. 

Continue reading to find out the finance deals that are on offer for the BMW 1 Series and which one is the best option for you. 

What is car finance?

If you can’t afford a BMW 1 outright, you could consider one of many alternative ways to pay. Most options require you to pay a certain amount over the course of driving the car, how there will be different outcomes, depending on which finance package you opt for. For example, some options allow you to own the car at the end of your contract whilst others require you to give the vehicle back. 

What are my financing options for the BMW 1 Series?

Various companies offer UK residents finance for their perfect BMW. We have partnered with the car finance company CarMoney, which compares the UK’s top car finance lenders. 

CarMoney offers a Car Finance Calculator to help you find the best finance deals. You can input the cost of the BMW, and other information, such as annual mileage or dealer contributions, to help find the repayment and credit costs that work for you. 

You can also find Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) offers with CarMoney for this specific vehicle. 

BMW offers a similar calculator into which you can put the amount that you would like to pay per month, the size of your deposit and the length of the term. 

BMW also gives a deposit contribution along with their car finance, which can be used in addition to your own deposit. 

Personal Contract Purchase

People that opt for a Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) will have to pay a deposit for the BMW at the beginning of the contract. This is usually a fixed percentage of around 10% of the total cost of the car. Following this, you will have fixed monthly repayments to pay. These payments cover the depreciation of the vehicle. The PCP contract only allows you to borrow part of the cost of the car. 

At the end of your contract, you will have three choices. The first is to pay the remaining cost of your BMW (known as a balloon payment). This means that you can then keep the car as you will have full ownership over it. 

The second choice, and a popular one, would be to exchange your BMW. Indeed, car buyers often prefer PCP deals because they like changing their car once every two to three years. The third choice, is simply to return the car to the supplier, and find a new car and financing contract. 

Unlike a personal loan, the BMW will belong to the finance company over the course of the contract, rather to than you. 

The total repayment cost and cost of credit that you repay through your PCP contract will depend on the price of the car, the deposit you have put down and the interest rate you are being charged.   

Hire Purchase

Hire Purchase is a similar financing option to Personal Contract Purchase. As with PCP, you will be required to pay a deposit on your desired BMW. You will then pay fixed monthly payments for the contracted time period. However, whereas PCP is borrowing a section of the full amount of the car, Hire Purchase allows you to borrow the full amount. 

The car is owned by the hire purchase company until you make the final payment. You will then own the car after the contract has ended and have paid the full amount.

Personal Loan

This is one of the more popular options for car finance. Using this option, you will borrow money from a bank or building society to fund the purchase of the car. You will instantly own the car, having paid for it upfront. 

Over the course of a set time period, you will then pay the loan back to the lender. The interest will vary depending on the lender and the duration of the loan. 

BMW 1 Series financing offers

Some of the offers for BMW 1 Series finance that are offered on the BMW website include the PCP deal and Hire Purchase deals for the BMW 118i M Sport, which requires a customer deposit of £4,644.08 and monthly payments of £349.00. The BMW M135i xDrive PCP and Hire Purchase offer requires a customer deposit of £4,825.65 and monthly repayments of £479.00. Both car deals have an APR of 4.9%. 

Which models are in the BMW 1 Series?

There are currently three model variations in the BMW 1 Series. The two sporty models feature TwinPower Turbo engines and five-door design. They also feature more leg space and headroom than previous models, and a boot capacity of 380 litres. 

All BMW 1 Series models have full LED lights, a digital eco-system and extended lighting, featuring a BMW logo projection. The vehicles also feature standard BMW Live Cockpit Professional, a three-level system that controls navigation and the entertainment system, along with a 10.25” control display.

A brief summary of the models featured in this BMW range and the accessory packages follows. 

Sport Model

The BMW Series 1 Sport Model features 17″ alloy wheels, sport-design front air inlets and automatic air-conditioning. The sports seats feature Nivala cloth and Sensatec upholstery. 

The BMW 1 Series has an engine performance of 100kW and an acceleration rate of 8.9 seconds from zero to 62mph. 

M Sport Model

M Sport is an accessory package that can be bought with most BMW cars. It features aerodynamic body styling, as well as additional options such as High-gloss Shadowline Exterior Trim and M Sport Suspension. The excellent suspension on this car is produced by lowering the car by ten millimetres, shortening the suspension springs and tighter damper settings. 

The M Sport Model comes with sports seats that have perforated Trigon Cloth and Sensatec upholstery. Both of the seats in the front of the car are also heated.

This version comes with a choice of 18″ or 19″ M alloy wheels, as well as a range of metallic colours for the car body. The iconic kidney grille is in satin aluminium. 

SE Model

The SE Model offers various luxury features, such as the Comfort Go, otherwise known as keyless ignition start. The model also has rain sensors with automatic headlight activation and full LED headlights and rear lights. 


This model has 16” alloy wheels and cruise control with a high-quality braking function that ensures a safe journey. You can also enjoy Apple CarPlay, as well as the additional comfort packs on offer, including options such as easy access and additional interior lighting. 



BMW 1 Series cars are some of the most popular on the market. There are several finance options that you can choose to help give you temporary or permanent ownership of these vehicles. These include purchasing with a personal loan or hire purchase. 

You can also temporarily drive a BMW through leasing or Personal Contract Purchase, which allow you to change cars after your contract has ended. 

There are various models in the BMW 1 Series range, from the Sport to SE model. They feature innovative adaptations, such as the sport suspension and keyless ignition. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The financing option you choose will depend greatly on how often you might want to change your car. For example, if you want to keep your car long-term, you might want to consider getting a personal loan. However, you will need to ensure that you can keep up with the regular repayments, otherwise you will be faced with interest.

Personal Contract Purchases are a good option for people that like to change their car regularly because you initially only borrow a fraction of the total cost with PCP contracts. Leasing is also a viable option if you want to rent the car, although you won’t be able to own the car once the contract has finished.

On the other hand, leasing is a viable option if you want to drive a car that you couldn’t otherwise afford because the contracted payments will often be cheaper than buying the car.

Buying a brand new BMW isn’t feasible for everyone, which is why many people turn to the used car market for their next vehicle. You could save yourself a fortune buying the same model if it has had previous owners. However, there are certain things that you need to keep an eye out for when you are buying a used BMW. Before you agree to any deals, you should always complete a full inspection of the vehicle. This includes checking that the tyres are in a good condition and that they have a decent tread. You will also need to look at the bodywork of the BMW and see whether there are scratches or dents. You shouldn’t necessarily be turned away by cosmetic damage, and you could probably negotiate a reduction in total or monthly costs! If you are looking to get a BMW 1 series then you will want to make sure you are getting the best deal. One top tip is to use our MOT checker. You can use our free car check to check the MOT status of any vehicle, as well as anything else that you need to know about the car’s history. It will save you time whilst you are looking for cars and will ensure that you are purchasing a reliable vehicle.

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BMW 1 Series Finance Deals

BMW 1 series finance

BMW is one of the most popular car brands in the world. These German-manufactured vehicles are known for their luxury

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