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How to history check a car from Gumtree

How to history check a car from Gumtree

So you’ve decided that it’s time to purchase a new car. Your old one might be worse for wear, or you’ve outgrown it – perhaps it’s time to switch from that trendy 3-door hatchback to a more family-friendly option? 

There are many reasons to be buying a new car, but purchasing the right one is essential. Although at first, it might be quite daunting. Choosing between different styles and colours; selecting the right car is one of the most significant decisions you’ll make this year; all the more reason to take it slowly and do your research before handing over your hard-earned cash. 

Purchasing second-hand cars is a great way to get what you need without paying those high forecourt prices. Sites like Gumtree have such a wide selection of options that you might be overwhelmed with choices, but there is a simple way to whittle it down to the right car for you.

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How to find a car from Gumtree


After you have decided on a make and model, searching on Gumtree is straight forward. The next step is narrowing the search by selecting which one suits you.

Consider asking yourself a variety of questions. How many miles will you drive in an average year? What is my maximum budget? How much will it cost to insure the car? How much is road tax? Who will be in the car the majority of the time? Affording the purchase of the car is one thing, but affording the upkeep and additional costs that come along with it is vital when selecting. 

Remember, just because a vehicle is listed at a specific price, it does not mean that it is worth it. Getting the actual value of a car is a great way to make sure your money is being spent in the right way. 

Obtaining a valuation is easy, one way is by going to CarGuide and paying a one-time fee of just £5.99 then you can see what the car is valued at and discuss a more suitable price with a seller. However, there are more necessary checks that need to be done surrounding the car’s history.

Checking car history on Gumtree


The history of a car can tell you all sorts. A free car check on Car Guide can get you the car’s full MOT history; helping to highlight any underlying issues the vehicle may have. Not only that, but it also tells you whether there have been any plate or colour changes. Knowing this information is a great way to gauge whether the seller is genuine. On top of that, Car Guide will also tell you which components are likely to fail on the next MOT.

You can make sure that you’re not buying a car that will fail you within a year, but by paying a small fee, you can research a car and purchase with total confidence. If you pay £9.99, you can do unlimited searches for the above information for a month with multiple cars. You also get 2 buyers reports, which will help you discover whether they have an outstanding finance agreements attached to them (which could result in a repossession of the vehicle), research any repair costs on the car if it comes with some issues, or see if it is stolen. 

By purchasing a stolen car, you open yourself up to many issues, you will have to return the vehicle, you might lose your money, but you could also end up facing charges in court. When buying online, it might be difficult to know these things, but Car Guide removes any guesswork so you can relax and enjoy the process of getting a new car for your family.the


Approaching sellers on Gumtree

After you have considered which car is right for you and you have carried out the proper checks using Car Guide, the next step is to approach a seller. Gumtree requires you to log in to contact a seller; it is a way of protecting everyone that is involved in the sale. 

You might be supplied with an email or a phone number, but it is best to contact the seller in the first instance to get the ball rolling. Be sure to arrange a test drive and don’t hand your money over or place a deposit down until you are satisfied. Taking a third party along is a great way to ensure your safety, but if they know a little more than most people about cars, this can be a bonus. 

Turn the music off while you are test driving the vehicle, that way you can listen to the engine and spot any abnormalities. If you are placing a deposit on the car, be sure to get your agreement in writing with a signature, otherwise, make sure you get a receipt for your purchase. This protects you and the car in the future. 

The seller should already be prepared to do this as well as handing over all the necessary paperwork. Considering your options, carrying out the right checks and taking a closer look at the car in person is a recipe for success when it comes to purchasing cars on Gumtree. Better yet, the only tool you really need is Car Guide, and the price for peace of mind is more than fair.

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