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Are you planning on buying a used car? Before you trade in your current vehicle or hand over your hard-earned cash make sure you’ve checked the service history.

The vehicle service history should tell you everything that has happened with that vehicle to date – including the number of previous owners, mileage and any faults and repair work that has been carried out.

So why is this important? Knowing how well a vehicle has been looked after – or hasn’t – helps you decide on whether your choice of car is a sensible purchase. You also want to make sure that the seller isn’t hiding any crucial information from you.

Unfortunately, fake service history is still quite common in the UK, therefore it is worth following the steps below to know how to spot a red flag. 

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How to check the service history of a car?

The bad news is that there isn’t a central database of service history as there is for MOTs. This means there are only two ways to find out the actual service history:

  • Ask the car owner to show you the vehicle’s service history if he/she has the service book or invoices

  • Contact the garage/dealership where the vehicle gets serviced

The good news is Car Guide can help you spot fake service history. We are the only company that shows manufacturer service schedules, past and future repairs and any components that are likely to fail in the future. This knowledge can be a lifesaver when it comes to buying a used car and negotiating a better deal, especially if the car is due a major service or a repair. You can use this knowledge to haggle on the price or request the seller to get this done prior to your purchase.

How do you spot fake service history?

  1. Purchase a Car Guide Report which will show you what the car’s service history should look like.

  2. Ask to see a copy of the service book.

  3. Check over the service book and if anything looks suspicious write down the names of dealerships/garages.

  4. Check if they are genuine mechanics/garages online. 

What is a full service history?

Full service history (FSH) means that the vehicle has been serviced in accordance with the manufacturer’s service schedule. This usually means that all of the paperwork is available and that the service book has been stamped to show any work carried out by the garage. If a car has been serviced at the approved manufacturer or dealer for every service, rather than an independent garage, this is classed as having a full dealer service history.

If a car doesn’t have a complete service history, or the work has been carried out a a non-approved garage, then it will only have a partial service history.

Why is full service history so important?

A well-maintained car will depreciate less and is also likely to cost you less in the future. When you buy a car with a full service history, any repairs or work to the vehicle will have been carried out to the manufacturer’s requirements. As such, there is less chance of something going wrong.

If however, you are looking to save yourself a few bucks, a partial or missing service history can be an opportunity! On average, used car buyers expect to see 20 percent discount on a vehicle without a full service history.

What should a service history look like? And when is the service due?

Not sure what the car service history should look like or what service is due soon? Try Car Guide’s car checker! Simply enter the car’s registration number and with our personalised buyer’s report you will be equipped with the information you need to negotiate the best deal!

On top of service schedules and MOT history you will also find out what service is due next, what your car is likely to fail the next MOT on and if there is any outstanding finance

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Frequently asked questions

Unfortunately there isn’t a central database of service history like there is for MOTs, however, there are two options available to you. Find out more here.
As there isn’t a central database for service records, the best thing to do is to ask the vehicle owner to provide records or contact the dealership/garage where the vehicle typically gets serviced. Our Car Guide report could help you verify how well the car was looked after as it shows you manufacturer service schedules as well as past and upcoming repairs. Find out more here.

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