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Best Car Subscription Companies

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If you’re someone who is always after the next new car and you love the idea of having the latest model each year, a car subscription service could be the ideal solution for you. Car subscription services provide customers with a vehicle in exchange for a monthly fee, and they often come with additional benefits like 24/7 roadside assistance, registration and maintenance included.

While a lease ties you in to a specific car for a two to four-year contract, with a subscription service, you can sign up for a year, six months or even one month. And you have the opportunity to drive a new car every month. With a range of factors to consider, and numerous businesses to choose from, we’ve compiled the best car subscription companies to help you narrow down your search.

1. MyCarDirect

MyCarDirect, who recently completed a new round of investment, offers both Electric and ICE vehicles on terms from 1 month to 24 months. They offer monthly mileage packages from 1000 to an additional 200 miles per month. So if you’re thinking of driving your car more than the average mileage, it would be worth taking one of these upfront when you subscribe.  You can have your vehicle delivered to home or work in a few days but delivery charges may apply. Unlike the other providers, you can also collect your vehicle from their regional locations. Maintenance costs are covered as part of your subscription as is Road Tax and Breakdown Cover.

2. Wagonex

Wagonex provide contracts from 3-6 months – they also have a small selection of vehicles available on a one-month contract, but the cost difference is significant. Wagonex requests a deposit but it is refundable on return, and there’s a deposit-free option for those who meet the criteria. Their subscriptions come with the added benefit of roadside assistance, road tax, service and maintenance included. They also have the option of tailor-made personal insurance as an optional extra. With 800 miles a month included, you only pay extra for 1000 miles or more a month and drivers will only need to add fuel and insurance to the overall cost.

3. Evogo

Evogo provide contracts from 89 days, and they offer breakdown, road tax, service and maintenance as included benefits with each of their vehicles. All drivers need to finance is insurance and their fuel. While the first car needs to be collected in person, either from their Sheffield or Luton offices, any subsequent cars can be delivered nationwide. Each month, Evogo will ask you to update your mileage via email or text to manage your account in a convenient way.


With ONTO, you can take advantage of one-month contracts for electric vehicles, and they offer an all-inclusive service – your insurance, charging, servicing, breakdown cover, road tax and 1000 miles per month are included. The company charges £49.50 for delivery and collection, and they’ll deliver the car to your driveway for that cost. Their initial sign-up fee is just £9.99 and there is no administration charge or refundable deposit to worry about. All that’s needed to sign up and register with them is a driver’s license and a selfie – it couldn’t be easier.

5. Cazoo

Cazoo provide a minimum of 6-month contracts, with 12-, 18- and 24-month options also available. Cazoo charge £50 for delivery, but collections are free, and they request a refundable deposit. The service charges a one-off fee of £249 to join the subscription program, but their service includes 1,000 miles per month, as well as insurance, tax, maintenance and breakdown cover.

6. Sixt

Sixt have a 30-day commitment and you need to collect your vehicle from one of their many centres around the country, although they operate worldwide. Their subscriptions include maintenance and 500 miles per month, which can be upgraded depending on your needs, as well as third party insurance. With only 5 days advance booking time, you can start your subscription in next to no time.

7. Flexed

Flexed provide private and business leases, with a minimum 28-day commitment that includes road tax, insurance, warranty, breakdown and maintenance, and 15,000 miles per annum. You have the option to change your vehicle every 28 days, although delivery charges aren’t included for swaps. Their cars are stocked and ready to go, so you could be driving your new car in just a few days, and they have a great range of high-quality cars from brands such as BMW, Mercedes and Volvo.

8. Elmo

Elmo specialise in electric cars and have one-month subscriptions available. They have a user-friendly online tool to determine your suitability for an EV, as well as the total cost of ownership, which can be handy information to assess your personal circumstances. There’s no refundable deposit and, since the contracts are on a rolling monthly basis, customers can keep their vehicles for as long as they need. Insurance, breakdown cover, maintenance and 800 miles are included as part of the package.

9. Flexigo

With Flexigo, there’s a three-month minimum but if you need one-month options, you can contact them directly to arrange it. For those classed as Non-Status, such as people with adverse credit, expats or new start business, or those who don’t want too many credit checks carried out, this subscription service is the perfect solution. The maximum term length is 12 months, and customers will need to pay a refundable deposit, but the service includes free delivery, warranty, maintenance, breakdown cover and road tax

10. Drive Car Flex

Drive Car Flex offer a minimum period of one month and you have the option of keeping the same vehicle for up to 12-months, so you don’t need to worry about the awkward swap-over process. Their service includes maintenance, road tax, vehicle warranty and 24-hour breakdown assistance, so all you need to sort out is insurance and fuel. The cost of the documentation feed is £175, plus VAT, but additional costs such as delivery may also apply.

Final thoughts

Car subscription services offer flexibility and a cost-effective way of switching out your car as often as you like. With easy processes, added extras like breakdown assistance and road tax, and options to suit all budgets, these subscription services provide something for everyone.

As with many things in life there are different ways to do things and car subscription services can be an ideal way to own a car. However, there are other ways to own and run a car and we have recently launched a comparison service called Car Switch so you can check Loans v PCP, or Subscription models v buying outright.

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Car subscription is a great option if you want flexibility, or you want to try a particular car or when you don’t want to put a big sum of money down on a new or used car. There are a number of different companies offering car subscription in the UK, so do your research. Find out more here.

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