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What will fail an MOT

Use Car Guide to find what is likely to fail at your next MOT

Well, failing an MOT isn’t exactly uncommon. According to the Money Advice Service, “nearly two in five MOT tests are a fail first time”.

The reasons for MOT failure are grouped into eight categories. If your vehicle fails, you’ll be issued with an MOT refusal certificate (VT30). The details of the failure will also be logged in the MOT database.

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The 8 categories for potential failure are:

  • Lamps, Reflectors and Electrical Equipment
  • Steering and Suspension
  • Brakes
  • Tyres and Road Wheels
  • Seat Belts and Supplementary Restraint Systems
  • Body, Structure and General Items
  • Exhaust, fuel and emissions
  • Drivers view of the road

Bear in mind that many failures are for minor reasons that could probably have been avoided. So before you head off to the test centre, follow these tips to help avoid MOT failures.

MOT Retest

You will need to repair all major and dangerous faults before you can book a retest. Most MOT centres will give you up specific time to get these repairs done and won’t charge you again if completed within the specified time, but this depends on which parts are being retested.

You should hopefully feel far more informed when it comes to the ins and outs of MOT’s. We’ve covered what to do in advance of your test, things to look out for and MOT rules. Now all you need to do is put in the prep and book your MOT with the peace of mind that your car will be more likely to pass with flying colours.

Would you like to know which components are likely to cause your car an issue at its next MOT?

We have analysed 700m MOT data points to accurately predict what is likely to go wrong. With Car Guide predictions you will be better informed about parts that are likely to fail an MOT. Try our car check today.

Frequently asked questions

An MOT includes a dozen of checks ranging from lights, seat belts, tyres, liquid levels to brakes and exhaust system. For more information see our link here.

Advisory notes are provided if the MOT tester finds any faults on the car that will need fixing in the future. These faults are not significant enough to fail an MOT, but the driver must be made aware of them as they might become a problem in the future. Therefore advisories shouldn’t be ignored. If you want to check advisories from your last MOT visit CarGuide.

A minor fault is not significant enough to fail an MOT however needs to be repaired as soon as possible.
For more information read our MOT check guide.

Major faults will result in an MOT failure and they will need to get rectified before the car can get retested. If your previous MOT is still valid, you will be able to take it to any garage of your choice to get the faults repaired.

Learn more about MOTs here.

A dangerous fault will not only result in an MOT failure but you also won’t be able to drive the car until the faults have been repaired.

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