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If you find another car check service that offers more than we do for less, we will give you your money back.

Looking to buy a used car?

Stop. Don’t buy a Dodgy Car. 

Make sure you get it checked. 

There are a lot of car checking websites which offer ‘cheap’ or a free check. However when it comes to finding out some of the important information you end up paying extra. Car Guide is different. With our Buyer’s Report you get all the information you need, more data than anyone else and we will guide you through the buying process. 

Car Guide offers the most comprehensive car check on the market.

What can Car Guide answer
(that other car checks can't)?

  • What repairs should've been carried out?
  • How much will future repairs cost?
  • What might cause the vehicle to fail its next MOT/?
  • Has the car been a high-use taxi in a previous life?
  • Has it had unrecorded serious damage?
  • What should the service history look like?
  • How much will future servicing cost?

…and much, much more!

Other Car Checks VS Car Guide

Unlike other car checks, we help you predict your car’s future.

While other car checks’ paid reports offer valuable information about a vehicle’s history, there’s one thing that they can’t do. Predict the future.

Car Guide offer everything included in an HPI check, and then some. Our AI-powered platform scours 900 million data points, uncovering potential running costs, parts needing replacement, and future MOT failures. So you’re empowered to make the most informed decision as a buyer – not just for today, but for tomorrow, too.

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Car Guide offers more insights - at a lower price.

Try out our free car check or get more data with our flexible paid plans. The choice is yours.

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Buyers Reports

This includes finance, stolen, written off and everything else you need to know about buying the right car.



Still On Finance

Will show details of the agreement terms and company if the vehicle is on finance.

Stolen or Written Off

Shows if the vehicle is marked as stolen or has previously been written-off.

Compare Used Cars

Compare the specs of used cars from any website

Service Schedules

Shows what services should have been done on the car and any that are due in the future. Includes cost, mileage and major servicing parts.

Repairs Coming Up

Shows what repairs should have been done on the car and any that are due in the future.

Car Checks

The number of basic car checks included in our products.




MOT Failure Predictor

Our unique platform will show you what a vehicle is likely to have issues with at it’s next MOT.

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Full MOT History

Shows you the full MOT history of the vehicle. Supplied directly by the DVSA.

ex-Taxi Check

Shows you if the vehicle has been a taxi or private hire vehicle in the past. These vehicles can have unusual wear and tear and are normally high mileage.

ex-Salvage Check

Shows you if the vehicle has been through a salvage sale normally used by Insurance Companies to dispose of vehilcles that are beyond economical repair.

Full Technical Data

Everything you need to know about a vehicle from BHP to CO2 emissions.

What sets us apart from other car checks?

AI predicts the future

An AI-powered platform analyses 700m+ data points, predicting running costs and component failures.

More than a car check

We don't just provide you with new information. Our platform will guide you through every step of the buying process.


Compare different vehicles

Shopping around? Our platform lets you analyse your favourite vehicles side-by-side so you can make the right choice.

Negotiate the best deal

An in-depth buyers guide helps you spot the right issues and get leverage for the best deal possible.

Money Back Guarantee

We believe we offer more checks on a used car than any other car checking site in the UK. Plus, we’re cheaper.

If after buying your report you find any site offering more for less, simply get in touch and we’ll refund you the price of a report, simple!

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