Making the right choice can be overwhelming.

Dodgy vendors. Hidden issues. Millions of vehicles. Between the risks and the effort involved, buying a used car isn’t a walk in the park. But the average vehicle check tool fails to give you the insights you need to make the smartest decisions possible – without wasting your time, energy, or money. Until now.

Car Guide empowers you to make smarter decisions as a buyer.

Our car check doesn’t just help you discover your car’s past. It also predicts the future. Our AI-powered tool scours 700 million data points, uncovering any used vehicle’s full history, potential running costs, parts needing replacement, and future MOT failures.

So you can avoid dodgy cars, dodgy sellers, used car scams and find the perfect vehicle using the UK’s best used car check service. We can also help you find a good finance deal.

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AI predicts the future

Our AI-powered platform analyses 700m+ data points, predicting running costs and component failures.

More than a car check

We don’t just provide you with raw information. Our site will guide you through every step of the buying process.

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Shopping around? Our platform lets you analyse your favourite vehicles side-by-side so you can make the right choice.

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An in-depth buyers guide helps you spot the right issues and get leverage to negotiate the best deal possible.

What Our Car Check Includes

There are lots of car checkers out there some are free some are paid for, but they all vary in what they offer. We believe our car checker is the most comprehensive and the best value. Here is some more detail about all the different types of car check we include in ours:

When are car is paid for by a finance arrangement it is ultimately owned by the lender until such time as the full loan is repaid. In some cases, people who are unable or unwilling to pay the money they owe try to sell the car and pass the problem onto someone else. The sad reality is that if you buy a car with outstanding finance on it the lender will come after you to recover the car and you are very unlikely to get your money back from the seller. Doing an HPI check will tell you if the car you are thinking of buying has any outstanding finance on it so you can avoid the mess of buying a used car with money owing on it. Our car checker comes with an HPI check along with all the other benefits.

An insurance write off check will allow you to find out if the car you are looking to buy has been previously written off by the insurance company. A car is written off when the cost of repairing it after an accident is more than the car is worth; at this point the insurer doesn’t deem it economical to pay out to repair the car. There are different levels of write off from the “maybe repairable” category N to the definitely not repairable category A. The problem with buying a car that has been written of is that its likely to have all manner of issues, While it is a legal problem as a buyer you should know what you are buying. You may accidentally buy a car that is unsafe and will fail its MOT. It could end up costing you more than you paid for the car to make it road worthy hence why the insurer wrote it off. In some cases people do some level of repair to make it sellable but underneath a car can hide some serious problems.

Sometimes when a car is seriously damaged in an accident it isn’t reported to the insurance company. This can be for a number of reasons from the car being stolen or the driver not insured to the driver only having third party cover or other paperwork issues. This falls into a Category U write off and is unrecorded salvage. The details of any damage can be very vague and unscrupulous sellers may repair a cat U car to sell without mentioning it. The car will show up as HPI clear but could be very seriously compromised or even stolen! Making sure you check any used car isn’t unrecorded salvage is critical as it could leave you with a dangerous car or one the police may need to recover from you.

Buying a stolen car is obviously not something anyone would do intentionally. But sadly there are people out there that would have no problem trying to sell one. If you do buy a stolen car unknowingly you may find that when you go to insure it and tax it you get a visit from the police to take it away. You will not get your money back and you will not be allowed to keep the car. So it is critical you check any car you are thinking about buying hasn’t been stolen. Our stolen car check is included in the car check price to give you peace of mind that any car you are thinking of buying is legally owned by the seller and being sold in a proper way. Don’t take a chance on losing your new car and your money sign up today and take the worry away.

In some cases people will take a car that has been scrapped and try to fix it up and sell it. This is illegal and a car that has been scrapped cannot be sold for road use. Once a Certificate of Destruction has been issued for a car it is no longer a car you could or should be able to buy. Our full car checker will make sure that any car you are looking at will be checked against the DVLA database so you know it has not been previously scrapped and then put up for sale illegally. Buying a scrapped car is a very bad idea it may well be unsafe for use as well as have all manner of problems.

Our car checker includes a number plate check and for good reason. A car can have a different registration for a legitimate reason like having a personalised plate fitted. If that is the case a check is still useful to make sure it was done properly. However, there are circumstances where people change the plates to cover up a shady past like being scrapped, stolen or written off. Getting a number plate check is really important to make sure the car you are thinking of buying is the car you think it is.

Having an MOT is a legal requirement for all car over 3 years old annually. However, you may find some used cars have gaps in the MOT history or, even worse, some forged MOT certificates. A simple way to check is to use our car checker and get a full run down of the passed MOT tests and anything the car failed on. But we go a step further and use AI to give you a prediction of possible future MOT fails so you can get a much better picture of what costs maybe be coming in the future. Getting a proper MOT check is another really important part of selecting a used car to make sure its safe and a good vehicle to buy.
As well as all this our car checker includes servicing and running cost predictions for any car you are thinking of buying as well as the ability to save and compare cars you are interested in buying.

Finally, finding the perfect car is (stress) free.


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Simply enter the vehicle’s registration. You’ll get a bunch of insights – including MOT history check and more – for free.


Compare vehicles side-by-side.

Create your own shortlist of vehicles so you can compare the key facts in seconds and find your perfect car. Really useful if you’re considering switching to an Electric Vehicle (EV)!


Spot issues & negotiate better deals.

Our buyer’s guide helps you spot problems, avoid disastrous purchases, and negotiate smarter armed with the right information.

Check any vehicle's past and future today.

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“Better than HPI and AA check. Helped me avoid dodgy cars”

I spent hours reading up on the best car report. It’s easy to opt for the old school HPI or AA report. I opted for Car Guide after reading about the additional information you give about potential future running costs, worked out from the millions of data inputs taken from various sources, as well as unrecorded accident damage. Once I paid and received my online & PDF report I was blown away with the level of detail for such a low price.

Alan E, Edinburgh

“Cost-effective tool... real peace of mind”

Car Guide is an excellent and cost-effective tool that gives me real peace of mind when I go to meet the seller. I wouldn’t buy second hand without it!.

Roc C, Haywards Heath

“Gave me confidence in choosing the car”

Car Guide was invaluable to giving me confidence in choosing the car to buy, and just as importantly, ensuring I avoided the dodgy cars that I didn’t buy! 100% recommended.

Matt B, Nottingham

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