Best used car checks 2023

best used car checks

We’re counting down our top 5 online car checking services

There are so many car check solutions out on the marketplace. A lot of these like, HPI, Experian, AA Car Check, Total Car Check, My Car Check, Instant Car Check and Car Guide These are ranked from 5th to 1st which is, in our opinion, the best value and most comprehensive.

Some of the above checks are cheap; some are even completely free. But what do you actually get for your money when you purchase a car check with these providers? A lot of people search for the cheapest HPI check for example but it is important to look at the service itself and what more is on offer. After all, if you are checking the HPI status you may be keen to know more information about the car as well.  

Keep reading till the end to find out about one of the best, newest car history check solutions on the market today.

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5. AA Car Check


Out of all the services listed here, AA Car Check has one of the simplest pricing models, but is far too expensive with a history check costing £14.99 and discounts available for buying checks in bulk. That being said, there are many alternatives that are more competitively priced and comprehensive. For example, the AA vehicle check doesn’t offer service history, running cost and keeper change dates, which is why we’ve listed it as the least favourable option.

See how the AA car check compares to Car Guide.

4. Instant Car Check


While a lesser-known provider, Instant Car Check offers car and vehicle checks cheaper than more established brands. The basic check, which includes details such as whether the car in question has been cloned, along with valuation, MOT history and VIN-chassis match costs £1.99. For £5.99, your check can include whether the said vehicle has been stolen, written off or been imported/exported. Although, you’ll pay an additional £4.99 to check finance, another £2.99 for mileage history and then another £2.99 to check safety recalls – per check, making it a total of £16.96!

While much more cost-effective, it’s still not the best deal on this list (keep reading below).

3. Total Car Check


Similar to the previous option, TotalCarCheck isn’t that well known but offers appealing pricing. It’s basic check will cover things like mileage and MOT history. It’s Gold Full Check, for £8.99 offers everything from valuation to write-offs and outstanding finance along with a £30,000 guarantee.

See how Total Car Check compares to Car Guide.

2. My Car Check


This well-established vehicle history checker has been operating since 2005. It’s one of the cheapest providers on the market, with three pricing level options available. While you can conduct a free history check here, their basic check costs £1.99 while their full-service check costs £9.99. Though My Car Check offers a quality solution at competitive pricing, it isn’t entirely comprehensive.

The main issue with all vehicle checks above is that they are not necessarily user friendly and it seems that outstanding finance is one of the most important pieces of data they provide. We feel that there is more that needs looking at apart from outstanding finance when buying a used car. Therefore a fully comprehensive and a more user friendly solution was needed and that’s why we created Car Guide.

1. Car Guide

From £2.99

One might say we’re being a little biased here, but preference aside, there are several very good reasons why Car Guide takes the top spot on this list. Here are 3 of them:

  • We give 30-days access – For one, unlike all the other providers on this list, Car Guide operates on a 30-days access subscription model. So instead of paying for individual checks, you’re paying a 30-days access. Unlike with any other provider, with Car Guide you get 30 days access to the platform for £10.99, where you can add unlimited number of cars to your shortlist, compare them against each other and you also get 2 fully comprehensive buyer’s reports, and take all the time you need to make your purchase decision.
  • Fully comprehensive buyer’s guides – We don’t believe in basic vehicle history checks that tell you very little. Our Buyer’s Guides are fully comprehensive, meaning in them we cover everything from what to watch out for during a test drive, mileage discrepancies, MOT status, MOT history, number of previous owners/ registered keepers, number plate changes, service schedules and repair data, to whether a car’s been stolen, written off or has outstanding car finance. On top of this, we offer additional information (covered in our next point).
  • AI-powered predictions – What really sets Car Guide apart from the crowd is its built-in machine learning. Not only will our platform tell you about a car’s history, but it will also tell you about its future. Drawing on data points from over 700 million MOTs, Car Guide can tell you how much it will cost to run a particular car and also what repairs it’s likely to need post-purchase.

Want to make your next car purchase decision an easy one? Try Car Guide’s car check today – all you need is registration number. Our mission is to help car buyers to make the right decision, whether they are buying from a private seller or car dealers/dealership.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The best car check to use is Car Guide. Not only it offers the most information but also it is currently the cheapest full history check on the market. Car Guide check includes: outstanding finance, stolen, written-off, unrecorded salvage, plate/colour change, ownership change, ex-taxi check, upcoming repairs and servicing including costs, full MOT history and also components which are likely to fail on the next MOT. To find out more about why Car Guide is the best check click here.
You can check car’s history by conducting a car history check also referred to as HPI check. There are number of websites that offer this service, however, you probably want to shop around and choose the best one. There are many that offer a basic check for £1.99 but these checks don’t offer much information and therefore are pretty pointless. If you want to know what you are possibly getting yourself into, you want to get the best car check out there, which is one that Car Guide offers. Click here to find out more.
Yes you can, however, many free car checks offer very limited information and therefore a free car check might not tell you whether you should buy the car you are considering. Having said that, Car Guide offers more information than others even with a free check. Check it out here.

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